Wheatley Hill Streets


1841 Census

                        Wingate Lane

                        Wheatley Hill


1851 Census

                        Green Hills                 

                        Wheatley Hill Cottage

                        Wheatley Hill

                        Wingate Lane

                        Old Wingate


1856 Map

                        No Street identified (Farm only)


1861 Census

                        Four Lane Ends

                        Green Hill

                        Wheatley Hill Cottage

                        Wheatley Hill

                        Wheatley Hill Lane


1871 Census

                        Fir Tree Lane Ends

                        Wheatley Hill Cottage

                        Wheatley Hill Colliery

                        Wheatley Hill

                        Wingate Lane


1881 Census

                        Office Street – This was where the colliery offices were located so the street name was derived from there I presume!

                        Gowland Terrace  George Gowland from Sunderland was one of the directors of the ‘London Steam Collier and Coal Company’ which owned Thornley and Ludworth Colliers in 1866.

                        Grainger Street

                        Elizabeth Street

                        Smith Street – Joseph Smith was a director of the ‘London Steam Collier and Coal Company’ and was present at the ceremony marking the construction of the shaft for the Wheatley Hill Colliery. He cut the 2nd sod of grass during that event which took place on 2nd August 1867.

                        Emily StreetSee Wolmershausen below.

                        Anne Street

                        John Street – Was named after the pit. During the ceremony to mark the construction of the shaft at Wheatley Hill the directors of the ‘London Steam Colliery and Coal Company’ decided to name the colliery after two of the directors, John Halcro of Sunderland and John Patton of South Shields. The ‘John Pit’ was born.

                        Plantation Street

                        Quarry Street

                        Webb Street – Could have been named after Captain Webb who was the first person to swim the English Channel on 24th August 1875.

                        Robson Street

                        Hirst Street

                        Patton Street – John Patton from South Shields was one of the directors of the ‘London Steam Collier and Coal Company’ which owned Thornley and Ludworth Colliers in 1866. He cut the first sod during the ceremonies to mark the construction of the shaft at Wheatley Hill on 2nd August 1867.

                        Gothay Street

                        Louisa Street

                        Arne Street

                        Maria Street

                        Gullock Street   This was derived from Thomas Gullick a shareholder in the Hartlepool Collieries Co. Ltd.

                        Pyman Street

                        Ford Street

                        Wolmerhausen Street – I have been told on numerous occasions that this street was named after the German company that did the first excavation for the colliery shaft. I have searched for information on this name but have come up empty handed. Finally found the link for Wolmershausen. It comes from the name of one of the directors of the Harlepool Collieries Co. Ltd. Notice the spelling is a little different. George Martin Wolmershausen lived in Mayfair, London and his wife’s name was Emily…..another street named after his wife.



                        Farms – In front of the present farm in Wheatley Hill was an area where Tony Carr has his wood business. That was the area considered The Farms.

                        Stephens Terrace


1897 Map

                        Streets similar to those located on the 1881 Census.


1819 Map

                        Institute Street

                        Shop Street – Could have been from the location opposite the Colliery Shops. (Fitting, Electrical, Joiners etc)

                        Lynn Terrace – The street took its name from the daughter of the then landlord of the Colliery Inn (over the beck) and she was the first occupant of No 1 Lynn Terrace.

                        Weardale Street

                        Durham Street

                        Sunderland Street

                        Darlington Street

                        Stockton Street

                        York Street

                        Stanhope Street

                        Church Street

                        Granville Terrace

                        Gable Terrace

                        The Avenue

                        Alexandra Terrace

                        Ashmore Terrace

                        Percy Street

                        Dennis Street

                        1st Street

                        2nd Street

                        3rd Street

                        4th Street

                        5th Street

                        6th Street

                        7th Street

                        8th Street

                        9th Street

                        11th Street

                        12th Street

                        13th Street

                        14th Street

                        15th Street


1939 Map

                        Aged Miners Homes

                        Wordsworth Avenue - After William Wordsworth the poet.

                        Burn Street - After Robert Burns the poet

                        Shakespeare Street - After William Shakespeare the writer and poet

                        Moore Street

                        Byron Street - After Lord Byron the poet

                        Cain Terrace – Named after Teddy Cain councilor and Justice of the Peace.

                        Henderson Avenue - After Joseph Henderson, Councilor

                        Luke Terrace - After William (Billy) Luke, Councilor

                        Quetlaw Road

                        Jack Lawson Terrace – Was a Labour M.P. for Chester-le-Street.

                        Wheatley Terrace

                                    Handel Terrace - After George Fredrick Handel the composer.

                                    Shinwell Crescent - Named after Emanuel Shinwell the Easington Member of Parliament.

                                    Peter Lee Cottages - Named after Peter Lee.

                                    East View

                                    South View

Sandwich Terrace (called out on map as Wingate Lane) – From Dave Facey….Daves mother rented her house in Sandwick Terrace from an elderly Mrs. Sandwick in Wingate about 16 years ago (about 1991). She was about 99 years old at that time and died shortly before reaching 100 years. Dave’s mother bought her house after Mrs. Sandwicks death from the Sandwick Estate – Mr. and Mrs. Sandwick apparently built all of the houses in the street and at one time owned them all before selling them off but holding on to a few which she was still renting out when she was 99 years old.

                                     Liddell Terrace (few houses shown on map but no name) - Named after ? Liddell who was a Clerk of the Council.

                                    Stoker Crescent (few houses shown on map but no name)

                        Dalton Crescent (few houses shown on map but no name)

                        Ryan Terrace

                        Greenhills Terrace (houses shown on map but no name)