The following are the names from the War Memorial and their associated links to their military information. I have not found all of the information on these men but will keep on searching.


1914 – 1918

                                    T ASTELL                                                R LAING

                                    B BROWN                                                D MOORE

                                    R COWIE                                                  W PIKE

                                    T G CRUDDACE                                      J SEDGEWICK

                                    R CHERRY                                                A SINCLAIR

                                    M CUMMINGS                                          W SINCLAIR

                                    C EADE                                                     C TAYLOR

                                    T ELLWOOD                                             J G TAYLOR

                                    T HAMMOND                                            R WILLIS

                                    J HUSBAND                                                F STEPHENSON


1939 – 1945

                                    R ARMSTRONG                                           G TEMPLETON

                                    J J BRAIN                                                       W J WHITE

                                    W LUMSDEN